What can often be the deciding factor between a successful business and a failing one is not so much the products and services that are provided but rather the perception. Is your personal brand or business perceived to be luxury and exclusive or cheap and nasty? Are you perceived to be an expert at your craft or someone just entering the market?

Be who you want to be.

Perception holds so much more significance than we can imagine. It plays a role in redefining the way we do things within our social life, our personal life and undoubtedly our business life. When it comes to marketing, it is an extremely important aspect of business.

The logo Paul Rand created for IBM

What is a logo but affirming or redefining that perception?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a logo is an identifying symbol used to identify a brand and that often appears on its products.

Let’s say that you’re opening a bookstore. It’s the books (and maybe the coffee) which will keep customers coming back again and again. It’s the name, sign, interior designs and other non-book aspects of your bookstore that is critical for getting these customers through the door in the first place.

Parkinson’s drafts of a logo forĀ Esquire

Logos are a brand’s visual representation and act as a first impression of a company to customers. It is necessary to distinguish a business from its competitors and allow customers to permanently identify you by. Companies that desire to appear professional or be perceived to be as such need to have a logo that fits that perception.

A logo is not be the end all be all. It is the basis for the brand strategy which becomes codified in a special set of rules and guides about the company called a brandbook. A well made logo will make a business’ recognizability grow instantaneously which will enable the business to achieve its goals, sell products and services at a larger scale, attain more customers, grow social media followers, etc.

If you’re still skeptical, let me put to you in these words. Let’s say that you’re an account manager and you have this big meeting with a potential client. You dress to highlight your own attributes and characteristics as you are representing your company when with this client. Why? Because first impressions matter no matter how much we want to deny it or minimize it. It’s an integral part of presentation.

It’s the same thing with a logo!

Hope, this was of some valuable input to you.

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