The name’s Luis and I’m a graphic designer by trade.

My story begins in the Bronx where I was born and raised by Ecuadorian immigrant parents. I was exposed to the arts from a young age, doodling to pass the time. I started doing album artwork for local musicians and moved up to doing an assortment of gigs and internships, whether it be for architecture firms to startups – all with the same passion and drive to solve visual problems.

In my downtime, I enjoy cycling, binge-watching Netflix, doodling, travel and photography. I often indulge in visiting New York’s art museums and galleries for inspiration. I currently reside in New York.

I completed my Bachelor’s in Communication Design at the New York City College of Technology with honors in June 2016 and a Master’s of Fine Arts degree with distinction in Media Arts and Computer Graphics at Long Island University’s School of the Arts and Communication in May 2018. I am looking for a full-time position where I can create stunning visual aesthetics and grow.