I like to welcome to you to the launch of lou-salcedo.com and my first blog post. Who am I? The name’s Luis Salcedo; commit it to memory but if you want to call me Lou, you are free to do so. What am I? I’m a graphic designer who a few months ago graduated from Long Island University with my MFA in Media Arts. Please hold your applause.

Actually, don’t. I welcome praise whenever and wherever I can find it. The more, the better.

The reason that I am starting this blog is because I simultaneously keep a large collection of books, whether related to design, advertising, etc and yet most of the actual reading I do re: those topics I find online. In college, professors would have you purchase books but would never have you the student engage them in any substantial way except for one or two times per semester.

For someone who doesn’t have the budget to spend on books or want to spend money on something they’ll never really use, it can be a big waste of money. It leaves the impression on many design students that books aren’t worth spending a dime on. Or that the degree they get is the end of their education and nothing else needs to be learned.

My blog is going to be me imparting any relevant information taken from my book collection. Additionally, I’ll post side projects, both completed and works in progress. Discuss some of the challenges I faced as a graphic designer, juxtaposed with some of the work I done as a student, intern, and freelancer.

Why bother doing this? I’m of the opinion that if you only restrict educational enrichment to whatever you get in a classroom, you’re not going to learn much. In a nutshell, this blog will be a learning experience for both me and you.

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