Everything and I don’t mean to say that just because I decided to choose this as my profession. By everything, I mean that graphic design is everything. You cannot escape graphic design. Imagine this. It’s a Saturday afternoon and you’re at home listening to music. You’re looking for something to capture the mood; something new. You end up finding something and it’s not something you’re familiar with. But the artwork is that dope that you decide to take a chance on it. And guess what? You love it!

I would not have been introduced into the wonderful world of Japanese jazz if it was not for my chance encounter with Ryo Fukui. That’s how you know that it’s effective design because it drew my attention instantaneously.

He’s right, you know.

Design that is effective and dare I say it aesthetic is hard to come by but you can find anywhere. You can find it on the cover art of albums. You can find it when you’re eyeing at a billboard. Or looking at the NYC subway map looking for an alternative to the train shut down for weekend repairs. Or when you pull your phone and are browsing the Internet for silly doggie memes to show random people.

Cute, am I right?

Thank a designer.

No, I’m serious. Thank a designer. If not for the team of designers whose purpose is it to make the interface both simple and user-friendly, it would take you forever to find quality memes. And what’s life without having some dank memes? Not one I’d like to be in.

The point I like to make is that design is everything and everywhere around us. There are those who think that design is making pretty pictures that otherwise hold no inherent meaning or that because graphic design is often with commercial intentions, it’s inherently meaningless and has no place in art galleries and museums.

They’re wrong.

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