You’re sitting with your friends and they’re all describing how hard their professions are. It’s easy to imagine how. Firemen have to risk their necks to stop fires and save lives trapped in a burning building. Garbage men have to hurl hundred pound bags full of toxic, poisonous materials into the back of a truck constantly. How do you the same as a social media manager?

It’s not that easy to explain it yet being a social media manager isn’t a breeze as some may think. An outsider may think that all you’re doing is posting funny gifs and videos on a corporate social media account but there’s more to it than that and if you make these common mistakes, not only are you marking your brand as another in the abyss of products and services advertised on social media but you’re potentially costing profits and jobs, even your own.

Here are some advisories that you need to keep in mind:

  • Uniformity: Keep your brand voice consistent on all social media platforms. Do not fluctuate willy nilly to grab that unicorn. You or your boss have worked hard to tailor that brand, whatever it is, to a demo that is loyal and consistently engages with your product
  • Simplicity: It’s social media not your MA thesis. Avoid the fancy verbiage and elaborate sentences. You will lose your reader. Be simple, concise and error free.
  • Relevancy: If you have brand ambassadors, make sure they purport the values your business portrays. Do your research and decide.
  • Usefulness: People are following you and purchasing or subscribing to your brand because you’re offering them something that they trust you with. Do not erode that trust with endlessly posting things that your customers will not care about.
  • Visuality: Get a good designer who can provide you with compelling visuals. People want to see something that will catch my eye. Need a graphic designer? I personally know one that might help you.

Last but not least do not post on social media without having a strategy in mind. Posting for the sake of posting will earn a chuckle but won’t bring in the dollars.

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