Is your social media game not A1? Have any hours been spent trying to perfect your marketing strategy and the results aren’t to your liking. No sweat. You’re among the tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands who struggle with promoting their brand online. Here’s some ideas on how to get your IG game back on track.

What works: Photos, videos and things in progress.
What doesn’t work: Things that will bore your followers.

Instagram is all about the visual content. That means pictures and videos that catch the eye of people scrolling through social media feeds. I do recommend video. Whether it’s redirecting people to peek at your Soundcloud or your burgeoning streetwear brand, this is where industry related/general share-worthy content comes in.

If you’re operating a daycare, for example, you might want to get your followers excited by posting parenting tips or photos of their kids having a good time. Either way you’ll run into people interested into your services or your knowledge and will be compelled to do business. Having a good mix of fun and informative content is crucial.

Once you’ve gained your readers’ attention with a photo o video, what would be great is a call to action. Guide them.

“Liked this video reminding you to vaccinate your kid? How about an appointment to our clinic?”

Calls to action can be used for every type of post. Tell your followers to check out your website or tell them to read the article or video you’re sharing. Share-worthy content may not necessarily get visits to your business. but the posts are likely to get likes and shares. People will naturally come to your store, whether physical or online.

Packaged in with the importance of sharing content to your audience is the name of your business. Every time your post is shared, someone new has the chance to see you. That’s brand-recognition, baby! When the time comes for that person to need a caterer, they’ll remember all the recipe videos you shared and seek out the name they remember seeing or hearing about.

Keep it simple. Bland content and long captions do not work on Instagram or any platform.

Instagram works best for businesses that offer visuals that demonstrate the quality of their product/service. This means restaurants because you can post images of menu items or your customers can. This can also work great if you’re in general construction and want to post images of current projects in progress. Seeing these images and sharing them can compel the reader to seek you out.

Instagram posts can not include links so the aim here is brand recognition. Can you consistently post interesting enough images for your readers to stay interested? Not every business can.

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