Allusion Pictures

Allusion Pictures is an independent film house headed by Jon Navarro, Long Island University alumnus and SMPTE Award winning director behind the acclaimed films The Gypsy (2010), The Opposite of Romance (2013), Enlisted (aka One More Day) (2014) and Solëdad (2015). All of which feature a predominately Black and Latino cast and tell culturally relevant stories true to his experiences.

I worked on the brand identity of Allusion Pictures; the concepts for the logo being inspired by the definition of allusion: an expression designed to call something to mind without mentioning it explicitly.

Afterwards Jon told me about the idea that would blossom into The Republican (2017), I signed up as the film’s art director, tasked with the responsibility of creating graphics needed for the production,  ranging from Senator Ocasta’s presidential campaign banner, seen in the movie, to the stills for the movie’s companion app and supervising the team of graphic designers under me. It’s a film in the style of classic choose-your-own-adventure books. If anyone asks about Netflix’s Bandersnatch, Jon did it first.