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Bidwin Media

BidWin Media is the creation of the founder of Operative and AdsMogo. It is a programmatic advertising agency brings the power of artificial intelligence to content creators, publishers, marketers, influencers, editors, etc. The technology has two purposes: augmenting content creation and developing recommended content. It results in increased productivity and more availabilities from recommended comment meaning more revenue.

To aid the creation of content, we search the web for defined material based on IAB taxonomy, then intelligently write summaries that can form the well-sourced basis for a derivative story or spark for an original story. An editing workspace is provided for refinement. The result is the best of both worlds, an automated support system matched with human inspiration. Once ready, our workflow allows for quick social media posting.

My hand was working on the logotypes for several of BidWin Media’s new media companies: RTFU, a mountain biking website; Trendmo, a news network focused on the latest viral news; Latin News Daily, a media network focused on trending news important to Latin Americans and in Latin America.