We are living in a world that’s increasingly going digital. It’s become essential for any entrepreneur to establish a digital presence for their business and promote it fast on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. If one doesn’t embrace it, one would run the risk of having thousands, if not millions of potential customers being taken by competitors who do put value in digital marketing. Almost every single company nowadays has an online presence. It’s only essential but environmentally friendly as dependence on paper decreases over time and less trees are being cut.

Digital marketing’s purpose depends on the scale and type of the business and brand you are promoting. For the established, legacy brands, digital marketing serves as a supplement to the overall advertising effort. For startups and small business, it becomes the main avenue to promote services and products to potential customer leads.

As a supplement

Since established brands have the capital to do traditional marketing, digital marketing serves as a supplement to their end goal. Digital marketing can help legacy brands attain new audiences that would otherwise be unaware of their service or products.

Money talks and these companies definitely have the money to get new customers to onboard their product or service.

As a main tactic

Due to its affordability compared to traditional TV and print marketing, digital marketing has leveled the playing field for smaller businesses. Prior it used to be impossible to compete with name recognition or millions put in television ads; smaller business now have the means to hold a top ranking position and carve a niche at a fraction of the cost.

It is now the main avenue of small businesses and startups to promote their product and service. Since almost everyone is on social media, digital marketing is a wise means to grow a new business through an already existing audience. It encourages businesses to use new channels of communications to other major strong point of digital marketing is that it encourages the usage of new channels of communication to close the gap between themselves and the customers. Unlike traditional marketing, user comments and ratings can not only build a trustworthy relationship but it can help provide feedback and needed data for future digital marketing campaigns.

It’s just making the effort to reach out and connect to them.

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