Digital marketing can deliver the best return on investment for companies but there are inherent disadvantages that one must be mindful of. Mindless and thoughtless digital marketing can produce zero results for your brand. There are additional challenges. Here are some of them:

  • Competition: The average human attention span is now eight seconds, less than a goldfish. Information is everywhere, constantly bombarding us. This makes it more crucial than ever for marketers and brands to create content that cuts through the noises and engages with consumers.
  • Reputation: The Internet always remembers. Once a mistake is made, it’s hard to erase and it often comes with a heavy price. As customers and media are constantly online, mistakes must be avoided.
  • Online Behavior: Even the best people can transform into jerks behind a computer. Whether it’s out of malice or poor service in the past, online visitors can associate your brand with poor behavior and it will be very difficult to overcome a bad first impression. That negative feedback is visible to everyone and might dissuade a potential consumer from purchasing your products and/or services.
  • Lack of Knowledge: Despite us being ten years into social media’s mainstreaming, businesses are often unaware of what they’re doing half the time. Social media is often something handed to an unpaid intern or relative to take care of. It is a science that measuring success, focuses on results generated by research.
  • Imitation: If your campaign efforts are that successful, it can take two clicks of the mouse to copy the information from the competition. One must remain vigilant so your efforts aren’t being used against you by your rivals.
  • Time: Up to 64% of marketers are using social media for 6 hours or more. So it will not cost much of anything to work on a digital marketing campaign but it will cost you or your marketing manager a lot of time.

Digital marketing has a lot of difficulties. It is highly technical field that is new and prone to changes due to YouTube, Google and Facebook constantly making adjustments to their algorithm. If you are handling digital marketer, you need to do a 360-degree analysis before implementing a plan and produce quantifiable results to succeed.
One must be mindful that digital marketing on its own is not a magical cure-all that will fix every problem your brand will face. It is increasingly essential to optimize your personal brand’s presence online and guarantee sustainable growth.
Is it confusing? Perhaps but the potential for ROI greatly outweighs any issues when implementing tactics.

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