Client Summary

The brainchild of Clifton Lawrence, 5 Star Recording has become the start of many in the Jamaican and West Indian music industry. His success was prompted Mr. Lawrence to expand that success in the United States where there is a larger pool of artists. As part of the revamp, Clifton re-christened 5 Star Recording Studio as Pentastar.

Despite prior experience, Mr. Lawrence was determined to push Pentastar to collaborate with musicians from other genres, including hip hop and indie. Based in the Bronx, he wants to capture Millennial and Zoomer artists who share the same philosophy as he does: using music to speak socially conscious messages to American youth.


My initial goals was to redesign the Pentastar website as their current one outlived its purpose. As the studio is targeting a more ‘urban’ audience, the dominant hues for the site and brand as a whole would be red, black, green and yellow.

In addition, I created social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. The objectives were the following:

● Get the word out and test any buzz phrases and strategies to instigate interest and engagement.

● Become an online nexus for aspiring artists and anyone seeking the latest information on them from tour dates to album & single release dates.

My concepts for campaigns would be to push artists that were already collaborating with Pentastar and posting graphics visualizing how music is significant to their lives.


During the first few months of our partnership, the social media following of Pentastar increased by 50%.