Aegyptus Aeterna

As an artist, my work is fueled by a deep fascination with ancient Egypt, which began in my youth and has persisted throughout my artistic career. What captivates me about this civilization is its enduring legacy, as evidenced by the way in which Egyptian culture persisted and evolved long after the end of the pharaonic era.

In Aegyptus Aeterna, I seek to explore this legacy through my art. Using the visual language of ancient Egypt, I depict some of the post-antiquity rulers who were recognized by the people and priesthood of Egypt as pharaohs, including Augustus, Vespasian, and Maximinus Daza. Through my work, I strive to pay homage to the rich cultural heritage of this civilization and to explore the ways in which it has continued to resonate throughout history.

Drawing on my skills as an artist, I aim to create works that are both visually striking and historically resonant, blending traditional Egyptian motifs and iconography with a modern sensibility. Through this process, I seek to create a bridge between the ancient world and the present day, illuminating the ways in which the past continues to inform and inspire us in the present.