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Ace Digital Solutions

Ace Digital Solutions is a marketing agency that has a diverse array of experts in areas ranging from graphic and web design, copywriting and social media content creation. This experience is garnered from over two decades collaborating with partners in multiple industries, predominately food. Our project roster includes generating content for ice distributors, supermarkets, universities, etc. – spanning all platforms – and all formats, including video, film, print, live and digital. Ace’s passion is to satisfy the client: to help our partners reach your engagement, consumer and revenue goals through relevant, timely and eye-catching content.

My work for Ace Digital Solutions came in the form of servicing the brand in generating social media content. Social media engagement posts were created for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to garner more viewership and spur followers to the agency’s social media presence. Just as important was the creation of Ace’s pitch decks and client presentation proposals. All custom-made slideshows and videos to show in the course of client presentations.