A1 Food Distributor

Client Summary

A1 Food Distributor is a wholesale distributor of barbecue and barbecue accessories founded by local businessman Nicholas Madio in 2008. They also are the number one purveyors of Sabrett products in the Bronx. In their own words, they’re “all things to those who love food.


The partnership came as a result of Nicholas Madio wanting to optimize his business’ online presence. On his behalf, I conceptualized and created social media content on Facebook and Instagram with two main objectives:
● Raise the Hunts Point and Longwood community’s awareness of upcoming events, deals and specials.
● Grow the social media following of A1 Food Distributors locations and cultivate an online community.

Our weekly social media ads and campaigns consisted of several themes such as posting holiday themed promotions and sales and highlighting either the brand as a whole or specific foods. A consistent visual style was chosen to identify and target specific demographics with messaging that caters to them.


Throughout the partnership, A1 Food Distributor’s social media following had grown 110%.