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Thawra – Illustrative Depictions of a Nation Amidst Revolution (Arabic: الثورة: تصوير توضيحي لأمة في خضم الحرب, althwrt: taswir tawdihiun li’umat fi khidami alharb) is a visual interpretation of Syria as it undergoes another year of conflict with little to no likelihood of peace in the immediate future. Neither Syrian or associated with anyone from that country, my illustrations were inspired from the information provided by second hand sources. I initially started with rough thumbnails done with pen and paper and scanned in to my computer to fine-tune with the Adobe Creative Suite’s software.

This topic is important to me because at the time I was creating this series, there was a heightened degree of opposition by many Americans towards opening our doors to Syrian refugees despite that many poorer countries have done more than their fair share. I wanted to the best of my ability express the frustration and sadness that these Syrians are experiencing as their country is being torn apart by the different factions fighting for control.