The brainchild of Clifton Lawrence, 5 Star Recording has become the start of many prominent musicians in his homeland of Jamaica. The studio has been an opportunity for upcoming artists in the West Indies to become popular. Due to the great success of the studio in Jamaica, Mr. Lawrence desires to achieve the same effect in the United States, where there is a lot of musical talent just waiting to be discovered and achieve their goals.


Despite his experience with reggae artists, he wants 5 Stars Recording to expand to young rap and hip hop musicians and the people that follow their music. Mr. Lawrence seeks to grab the attention of other independent artists, looking for a studio to collaborate on their musical talents and make a name out for themselves. Based in the Bronx, he wants to capture teenage and young adult artists who share the same philosophy as he does: using music to speak socially conscious messages to the youth in Bronx and other inner city areas across the country.


The primary goals of this project is to redesign the website that is currently representing the studio. It is insufficient as it exists now and does not look distinct or better than the other major competing studios in the Bronx. To make itself apart from the rest and show that they are serious when it comes to music, the website requires a complete makeover. With the artists they’ve collaborated with and those that they have yet to work with, the secondary purpose of the website is to serve as an online nexus for people seeking information on their artists, from upcoming events and latest projects.

As part of the revamp, 5 Star Recording Studio is renaming itself as


To seek optimal success on this job, pentastar would start up social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and anything else that would be appropriate for it. They would be used to get the word out and test any buzz phrases or strategies to instigate interest and client engagement.


As the studio is targeting a more ‘urban’ audience, the dominant hues for the site would be red, black, green and yellow. would be a responsive parallax website, with one long page show-casing information on the studio itself while anything on the artists would take viewers to other pages, as to not require them to scroll too much and SEO reasons.


1) – Nosa Productions is our competition as they are one of the few
established studios, with an online presence. We would be competing over the same kind of artists. There’s not much to brag about his site other than the social media tabs on the left and a
secondary menu on the footer.

2) – Another prominent Bronx-based studio, I am intrigued in the layout of their client page and wish to use something like it for a page or section where videos are placed.

3) – I like the slideshow on the home page and that they have their Google Maps location integrated well with their site. Asides from that, there’s nothing else.