LIU Brooklyn

Long Island University has it all. Quality faculty, enriching courses and a professionally-minded yet friendly student body. It’s why I enrolled as a grad student. There was an issue that I quickly noticed: no one knew about the Media Arts department. The fact that Long Island University had an interdisciplinary program uniquely crafted for all varieties of creative minds and no one outside a small circle of people having heard of it was problematic.

I surmised the solution would be a website, initially.

Noticing this problem, I pitched the idea to the department’s Graduate Coordinator and my supervisor Claire Goodman. Once complete, this website would be linked into the Brooklyn campus’ site and allow future generations of aspiring media-makers to learn of the program’s coursework and concentrations.

You may view the site here.

Impressed with my work, I was later  recommended to handle the Media Arts department’s social media while working on posters, etc. The English department’s Creative Writing Program and the Writing Center would later hear of me and ask me to do work for them too.