CUNY Hostos

Ever since its establishment in 1968 by the Board of Higher Education, Eugenio María de Hostos Community College has been serving the people of the South Bronx in providing a means for the community to educate themselves. Composed of 10 different academic departments offering 27 associate-level degrees, it provides different tracks for students to move to middle-class professions.

A rarely known secret is its Continuing Education and Workforce Development department, offering as much as 100 certification, courses and programs to advance the career and earning potential of adult students.

Ace Digital Solutions, along with Hostos, saw an amazing opportunity to partner up and achieve one goal: spread awareness of Continuing Education, particularly the aspect of offering high school equivalency and ESOL courses to a community that is predominately Spanish-speaking.

Through combined creative synergy, multiple creative messages were conceptualized and executed in the span of January 2019, each targeted at the predominately Latino immigrant community in the South Bronx. They were posted on multiple social media channels from Facebook to Instagram; approximately 2,000 calls were made during the first week of February inquiring about the programs.